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Healthy Connections

A Guide to Better Health from Backus

The William W. Backus Hospital publishes Healthy Connections each month as a community service to the residents of eastern Connecticut. Information in Healthy Connections comes from a wide range of medical resources. If you have concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your primary care provider.

March 2014

Backus and Windham hospitals highlight their latest improvements in patient quality

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Previous Issues:

  • HC_May13_forWEB-1
    January 2014
    2013 was a historic year as two community hospitals partnered to create the healthcare delivery system of the future.
  • HC_May13_forWEB-1
    November 2013
    This doctor just got his flu shot. Did you?
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    September 2013
    Patients at Risk for Cancer Start Ahead of the Curve
  • HC_May13_forWEB-1
    July 2013
    15 Years of Cancer Care Excellence
  • HC_May13_forWEB-1
    May 2013
    Putting Patients First
  • HC_Apr13_forWEB-1
    April 2013
    Putting Patients First
  • HC_Jan13_forWEB-1
    March 2013
    Putting Patients First
  • HC_Jan13_forWEB-1
    February 2013
    Secrets to Health Success
  • HC_Jan13_forWEB-1
    January 2013
    Creating access, improving care
  • HC_Oct12_forWeb-1
    October 2012
    Surviving Runs in the Family
  • HC_Sept12_forWEB-1
    September 2012
    The Picture of Teamwork
  • HC_Aug12_forWEB-1
    August 2012
    Most Wired… Again
  • HC_July12_forWEB-1
    July 2012
    Opening New Doors to Better Health
  • HC_May12_forWEB2-1
    May 2012
    Making Miracles Happen
  • HC_April12_forWEB-1
    April 2012
    Quality Care, Close to Home
  • HC_March12_forWEB-1
    March 2012
    One Step at a Time
  • HC_Feb12_forWeb-1
    February 2012
    Champions of Change
  • HC_Jan12_forWeb-1
    January 2012
    Putting Patients First