FUTUREPlanning a health care system today that will meet tomorrow’s needs is both an exhilarating challenge and a daunting task. Yet, for forward-thinking health systems like ours, it’s essential. Our affiliation agreement with Hartford HealthCare requires us to prepare — to develop more seamless systems of care, to create models that improve access at every level, and to be responsive to the people entrusted to our care. The components of this first-ever strategic plan for health care delivery in Eastern Connecticut is, really, a promise to our patients, today and tomorrow. It’s a promise we intend to keep.

VIDEOKeeping the Promise:
Quality Health Care, Close to Home


Preventive Medicine Institute

Backus has made great strides in population health management, but now is the time to expand and grow programs outside the walls of the main hospital. The goal is providing the appropriate care at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place.

Cancer — Memorial Sloan-Kettering

The future of cancer care at Backus is bright with Hartford HealthCare partnering with Memorial Sloan-Kettering to bring state-of-the-art cancer care to the community hospital setting.

Ambulatory Centers

The days of health care organizations being judged by inpatient volume are over. Delivery of care in outpatient settings will continue as health care is redesigned in Hartford HealthCare’s new East Region.