Board of Directors


Joyce_2013Anthony A. Joyce
Conway_2013Elizabeth Conway
Vice Chairman
Whitehead_2013David A. Whitehead
President / CEO
Monahan_2013Deborah Monahan
Ramsdell_2013Robert T. Ramsdell

Board Members

Bilda_2013John F. Bilda
Briggs_2013Stephen T. Briggs, M.D.
Cardon_2013James Cardon, M.D.
Edwards_2013Karin Edwards, EdD
Gentes_2013Nancy Gentes
Hartford HealthCare Chief Executive Officer.Elliot Joseph
Maneri_2013Peter Wm. Maneri, Jr.
Maxfield_2013Paul C. Maxfield
Quintal_Hill_2013Lynne Quintal-Hill
Romito_2013Donna Romito, D.O.
Slater_2013Dennis E. Slater, M.D.
Tramontozzi_2013Mark A. Tramontozzi, M.D.

Community, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership,
& Talent

Backus Hospital delivers and
coordinates a continuum of high
quality healthcare that is sensitive to the needs of individuals in
eastern Connecticut. The Hospital is committed to being responsive
and accountable to those for whose
benefit it exists, and to improving
the health of its communities.