No heath care organization can be an island unto itself. Partnerships and collaborations at every level expand opportunities and magnify impact — allowing Backus to deliver on its fundamental promise to “improve the health of its community.” The concept of community has expanded since that vow was first made to include the vital role of Backus as a population health manager.  The collaborations and partnerships Backus has forged have increased to deliver on that challenge. Promise kept.

Access to Care

Simply providing people with insurance cards doesn’t ensure access. That’s why Backus focused on linking patients to providers through MyHealthDirect, a software system that includes clinicians who will take insured, underinsured and uninsured patients. The number of appointments made were up 38 percent compared to prior year; appointments kept up 86 percent.

A Prescription for Health

Obesity is a top health issue in the region, so Backus expanded its Rx for Health program, which involves physicians writing prescriptions to farmers’ markets for children and families at risk for obesity.

Training the Trainers

You can’t combat a big issue like obesity alone. A new partnership emerged between Backus and Thames Valley Council for Community Action — Healthy Eating Advocate Training (HEAT)—seeks to create sustainable community education by training nutrition advocates to spread the word at home, at work and wherever else they are needed.