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High Definition Operating Room

A state-of-the-art operating room allows surgery to be performed in high definition.

Peter Barber

“I have a physical job and I am an active guy. Because of my hip replacement surgery at Backus, I...

Deborah Lyon

“The thumb surgery Dr. Kardestuncer did made it possible for me to continue playing the piano. He gave me my...

DaVinci Hysterectomy

Backus offers robotic hysterectomy procedures, which are less invasive and lead to quicker recoveries.

Cocktail Party Conundrum

In this episode, the Backus Nutrition Detectives help a friend make healthy selections when it comes time to choose between...

Nutrition Detectives: Chocolate Meltdown

Backus Dietitians Catherine Schneider and Mary Beth Dahlstrom Green offer an alternative to binge eating.

Baked Salmon With Spinach

Backus dietitian Joan Sommers puts together a quick meal using fresh spinach greens and baked salmon coated with a cajun...

It’s OK To Play With Your Food

Kids can help create a quick and healthy dessert using graham crackers, fruit and low-fat yogurt.

Nutrition Detectives: Fats In The Freezer

Dietitians Catherine Schneider and Mary Beth Dahlstrom Green raid local kitchens and investigate “nutrition violations” ranging from sodium situations to...

Cooking Garden Greens with Joan Sommers

Backus dietitian Joan Sommers shows quick and easy cooking methods for garden greens.