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Picking the best treats for Halloween

October 28, 2011

Choosing candy that won’t add to the waistline can be difficult, especially at Halloween.  With so many treats available at this time of year, navigating the candy aisle sometimes gets confusing. Backus Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Sarah Hospod tells us to consider candy choices for both ourselves and for children.

“Child and adult obesity rates are skyrocketing, so sticking to candies lower in fat and sugar is best,” she said.  “Treats like Smarties and the small Hershey variety bars can help tame your sweet cravings and fit into your healthy eating plan.  I also like that these options contain lower amounts of food dyes.”

“With an abundance of candy left after Halloween, adults tend to munch on it until it’s gone,” added Ms. Hospod.  “Just one bite size treat can add another 100 calories to our daily diets.”

For those who want to avoid candy entirely this Halloween, Ms. Hospod encourages trying sugar free gum, select granola bars, small raisin boxes or individually wrapped dried plums.