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Backus bolsters commitment to patient safety and quality

January 20, 2012

Setu Vora, MD, Medical Director Critical Care Services, has been named Physician Director of Performance Improvement.

“Dr. Vora’s new position is an expansion of the work he’s done already done in the area of quality improvement,” said Peter Shea, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.  “It is recognition of his work on projects such as VTE and sepsis prevention, which are saving lives. He has a great ability to organize complex processes and foster teamwork across the organization for the benefit of our patients.”

In his new role, Dr. Vora will serve as the medical staff leader for quality, patient safety and performance improvement.

“We have deep expertise among our medical staff members and our nursing staff is just phenomenal,” said Dr. Vora.  “There is clear emphasis on putting our patients first from the leadership. With this infrastructure in place, my role is to lead and energize performance improvement across departments and make it exciting and meaningful for everyone.”

Dr. Vora’s vision is to help build a clinically integrated system that delivers high-value and safe care to patients both within the hospital and in the community.  His title is new, but he says the work remains the same – to build bridges, connect people, find opportunities to improve and implement evidence-based protocols with the patient at the center of it all.

“Our healthcare system is fortunate to have such a committed and insightful physician in Dr. Vora,” said Dr. Shea.  “His commitment to improving patient care is remarkable. With his innovative thinking and working as a team, there are no limits to what we can accomplish.”

Bonnie Thompson, APRN, is known for her ability to motivate others, and her persistent pursuit of excellence.

Those traits should fit well with her new role at Backus — Assistant Vice President of Organizational Excellence.

Prior to accepting this new role, Ms. Thompson served as Administrative Director of Organizational Excellence since July 2008.

“Bonnie’s promotion emphasizes our organization’s steadfast commitment to organizational excellence, patient safety and quality,” said Dave Whitehead, President and Chief Executive Officer. “She has helped bring Backus a long way since her arrival, and everything she has done has centered on one thing and one thing only – the patient.

“Bonnie is a talented and proven leader,” said  Peter Shea, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. “I am confident that in her new role she will help our healthcare delivery system achieve greatness in the years to come.”

In the last two years, Ms. Thompson has spearheaded several major quality initiatives.  She’s helped implement Statit and Midas+, reporting software that revolutionized how we gather data and implement tools to drive performance – in real time. She’s also done a great deal of work in the area of infection prevention, regulatory requirements and developing evidence-based patient safety protocols.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of organizational excellence,” said Ms. Thompson.  “Our department was designed to help frontline providers deliver the best possible care to patients.”

In the role of Assistant Vice President, Ms. Thompson will oversee patient safety, regulatory requirements, infection prevention, provider performance, clinical documentation, public reporting and quality improvement.  She will continue to report directly to Peter Shea, M.D.

“At Backus, we are on a journey towards excellence,” said Ms. Thompson.  “Organizational excellence is here to validate that we’re moving in the right direction, helping to set clear expectations and providing the appropriate tools for success.”



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