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Bylone named Chief Nursing Officer

January 27, 2012

The turning point in Mary Bylone’s career came as an intensive care nurse in the 1980s.

A decision was made from above that greatly impacted her ability to do her job — and nurses had no say in the matter.

On that day, she vowed to pursue the highest healthcare leadership positions possible so she could ensure a shared governance model in which nurses always had a say in nursing practice.

That journey is now culminating at Backus, where she has been named Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, which means she oversees the Patient Care Services Department and all nursing functions throughout the Backus Health System.

“I’m very excited — I’ve waited my whole career to be in this role,” said Ms. Bylone, RN, MSM (Master’s in Science Degree in Management), CNML (Certified Nurse Manager Leader).  “The job of the chief nurse is to ensure excellence in nursing practice. And how you do it isn’t just about policies and procedures, or the right equipment and training. This leadership role is about inspiration, identifying great people in the organization and partnering with them in their continual professional development. In the end, this will position our organization to ensure our patients achieve optimal outcomes.”

“Although we did a nationwide search, we found the best person for the job right here at Backus,” said Dave Whitehead, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Mary has demonstrated strong leadership qualities during her interim tenure and her previous role, and is a great advocate for the nursing profession. We look forward to continued leadership in our efforts to provide the very best nursing care possible for our patients.”