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New visitation policy more comforting for patients

February 19, 2012

Backus has changed its visitation policy to 24 hours per day, seven days per week except for designated areas such as the Birthing Center, Critical Care Unit, Same Day Surgery, Psychiatric Services and the Emergency Department.

The new policy is driven by patient and staff input, as well as research of best practices at other hospitals across the nation.

“The goal of our new patient visitation policy is to provide an open and welcoming environment allowing loved ones to be a part of a patient’s healing process,” said Lauren Mallozzi, Director of Patient Experience and Service Excellence. “I’d like to thank staff for their input on revising the visitation policy to follow best accepted practices.”

Because the main entrance is locked at 8 p.m., visitors after that time must enter through the Emergency Department.

Although visitation is always dependant on specific patient situations, overall specific policies are required of all hospitals to add structure to what can be hectic situations when you have hundreds of patients at a time.

The policy defines visitors as a family member, friend or other individual who is supporting the patient during the course of the hospital stay. Visitors under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. When restrictions are put in place, hospital staff members — in most cases nurses — are obligated to explain the reasoning to the patient.

“The new visitation policy is an excellent example of integrating staff collaboration, with the new policy process to meet changes in regulatory requirements,” said Nicholas Senuta, Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance. “In the end we have a living document that is responsive to the rights of our patients and allows for staff flexibility based on the clinical requirements of patients.”