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Back to school means backpack safety

August 24, 2012

Tax-free week is upon us, which means many of us our flocking to the malls and stores to buy clothes and school supplies for our children.

Those supplies include backpacks. After you choose a backpack, or even if you are using an older one, here are a few rules to follow so that your children can avoid, according to the Backus Rehabilitation Services Department.

  1. Don’t let a child carry more than 15% of his/her body weight. You can use a scale to weigh it.
  2. Heaviest items should be loaded closest to the child’s back.
  3. Arrange items so they don’t slide around.
  4. Organize belongings so all the weight is not in one place.
  5. Check the backpack daily so you only have things in there needed for that day.
  6. Children should always wear both straps, no matter how much they object.
  7. Adjust shoulders straps so they rest in the middle of the child’s back. The backpack should not hang lower than four inches below the waist.
  8. If the backpack has one, wear the waist strap.

And because there are many kinds of backpacks, be sure to choose one with several compartments, padding, and waist and chest straps.