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Backus Anticoagulation Clinic earns national designation

February 28, 2013

NORWICH – The Backus Health System’s Anticoagulation Clinic was designated as an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence by the Anticoagulation Forum on Feb. 7.  The Backus clinic was one of the nation’s first centers to earn this distinction.

To become a Center of Excellence, the Backus Anticoagulation Clinic participated in a self-assessment and was required to meet a rigorous set of pre-determined criteria.  After a few modifications to processes, the clinic was presented with this designation.

“In our journey to become a designated Center of Excellence, we were able to identify specific areas where our service could be improved and were given specific resources to make these improvements,” said Michael Smith, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Clinical Manager.  “In the end, the designation is a metric that demonstrates our commitment to providing the best quality and best level of care to patients with coagulation disorders.”

Located at the Backus Outpatient Care Center, the “Anticoag” Clinic is an outpatient center that provides plans of care, dose monitoring, lab testing and dietary support to patients who have coagulation disorders and are taking anticoagulation medication such as Warfarin.

Until recently, there lacked a defined set of national standards for anticoagulation services.  With rapid advancements in the area of anticoagulation, the Anticoagulation Forum developed the Center of Excellence distinction to serve as a central location for clinics across the country to retrieve tools and resources and give them the opportunity to assess their service using up-to-date comprehensive benchmarks.

The Backus Anticoag Clinic will maintain its designation for two years, at which point it will have to undergo the self-assessment process again.  More than 30 anticoagulation physicians, pharmacists and nurse experts from across the country worked together to develop the Anticoagulation Forum’s Centers of Excellence program.