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Birthing Center busy with baby boom

October 11, 2013

The Backus Birthing Center had perhaps its busiest stretch in its long history, with 17 babies filling the unit by Thursday morning.

A combination of a few early deliveries, a few late deliveries and just an overall busy schedule put staff to the test — and they passed with flying colors.

“It was really great teamwork,” said Daryl Hurlock, RN, Clinical Director of the Backus Birthing Center.

A review of what was happening nine months ago did not reveal anything that might cause a baby boom — Storm Sandy happened earlier and the blizzard that dumped more than 30 inches of snow in some places happened after.

But whatever the reason, hospital staff had to be a little creative to make it work. For example, at one point they had to turn a baby testing room into a delivery room, which Hurlock said luckily was previously a patient room and had the proper licensing.

Most Birthing Center staff worked double shifts to accommodate the mothers, fathers, babies and family members crowding the unit. On A-3, patients were moved as part of a contingency plan, but in the end it was not needed.

Physicians brought in snacks for staff, and there was an anonymous donation of pizza for staff who were unable to leave the unit for a break.

“Although it was hard work, it was really great to see everyone pulling together to ensure positive birthing experiences for all our patients and their families,” said

Hurlock. “Being busy is a good thing…but we probably wouldn’t want to do this every day.”