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Sprague Community Center Coordinator receives Backus President’s Award

November 21, 2013

NORWICH – Sprague Community Center Outreach Coordinator Brenda Keefe is the recipient of the Backus 2013 President’s Award.

The award, which includes a $10,000 donation to the Sprague Community Center in honor of Keefe, was announced at Backus Hospital’s Annual Meeting Wednesday night. It was established five years ago by Backus President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Whitehead to honor people and organizations that collaborate with Backus to help improve health and quality of life in the community. Keefe received the award for her role in the Backus Healthy Community program, a partnership with Backus to improve population health in Baltic.

The initiative was based on data that showed a high number of visits to the Backus Emergency Department by residents of Baltic for issues that were not necessarily emergencies. The weekly program includes offering primary care on the Backus Mobile Health Resource Center, screenings on the Backus CareVan, health education and social services at the food pantry in the Sprague Community Center.

Partners include Generations Family Health Center, Uncas Health District, Thames Valley Council for Community Action, the United Way and United Community and Family Services.

The Baltic Healthy Community Program, which is ongoing, has touched nearly 500 people so far.

“This year, we honor a true champion – a volunteer who is committed to making a difference where it matters most,” said Dave Whitehead, Backus President and Chief Executive Officer. “While so many people are busy talking about population health management in a textbook sense, this person is rolling up her sleeves and devoting her time to making it happen – one person at a time.”