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Backus ED doc elected co-chair of CT DPH committee

January 31, 2014

Known for his compassion to patients, commitment to high-quality care and advocacy for improved pre-hospital care, Backus Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Department physician Kyle B. McClaine, MD, FACEP, has been elected as co-chairperson of the Connecticut EMS Medical Advisory Committee.

Dr. McClaine joined the Backus Medical staff in July 2000.  During his tenure, he has served as the visionary for transforming the operation of the EMS system.  According to Nader Bahadory, DO, Backus Chief of Emergency Services, Dr. McClaine strives to improve the quality of EMS and pre-hospital care in our region through continuous education, attention to quality and integrity.

Dr. Bahadory said, “It comes as no surprise to me that Dr. McClaine has been elected as co-chair of the Connecticut EMS Medical Advisory Committee.  I am confident that he will have a significant impact in improving the EMS system throughout the state, and at the same time, will be a wonderful representation of our organization.”

The EMS Medical Advisory Committee is part of the Connecticut Department of Health’s EMS Advisory Board.  Prior to Dr. McClaine, C. Steven Wolf, MD, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, served in the role for more than 10 years.

“Dr. Wolf’s longstanding dedication and commitment to the quality and advancement of EMS in Connecticut have created some large shoes to fill,” said Dr. McClaine.

The CT EMS Medical Advisory Committee is a physician committee of EMS medical directors charged with proposing, developing and reviewing statewide policy as related to patient care delivered by EMS providers.

This committee is comprised of five Regional Medical Advisory Committee Physician Chairpersons, one physician representative of the state EMS for Children Committee, and the State EMS Medical Director.

“I have known Dr. McClaine for some time now, and after 14 years as chair, I feel very comfortable that the committee will be in very good hands,” said Dr. Wolf.  “Dr. McClaine’s dedication to EMS is evident through his knowledge of the science and operation of EMS. He is thoughtful and very well respected by the EMS community.”

“For me, it’s exciting to serve EMS in such a capacity, especially in light of the unprecedented amount of changes affecting all levels of our healthcare system,” said Dr. McClaine.  “EMS is a crucial part of a coordinated system of appropriate, high-quality and affordable healthcare delivery. It is our responsibility to constantly analyze, improve, and even redefine our role in the system.”

Dr. McClaine explained areas of attention for the committee include changes to EMS provider scope of practice, regional EMS physician guidance and support, networking, and practice guideline review and development, based on the analysis of evidence-based and best practice models of patient care.

“It is my challenge to assist in bringing all of the state’s medical directors together to proactively address these issues and provide our Commissioner and lawmakers with the best information and recommendations possible,” said Dr. McClaine.  “I am grateful to Backus Hospital for the ongoing and crucial support for our local and regional EMS system.”

The committee’s current projects include developing new CPR guidelines, developing unified statewide EMS practice guidelines and new spinal immobilization guidelines, just to name a few.

Robert Sidman, MD, FACEP, CPE, Medical Director, Backus Hospital and

Chairman, Division of Medical Services, said, “I have known Dr. McClaine professionally for 18 years.  He has demonstrated a longstanding passion for improving out of hospital emergency care, and is a respected physician at Backus and in the EMS community.  He is the perfect candidate to serve the Connecticut EMS Medical Advisory Committee.  We wish him well in this endeavor.”

Dr. McClaine completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Buffalo and earned his Medical Degree at the State University of New York, Health Science Center and Syracuse College of Medicine.  He completed his internship and residency at Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine.