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The William W. Backus Hospital to Receive the 2014 John D. Thompson Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Healthcare Through the Use of Data

July 18, 2014

WALLINGFORD – At its 96th Annual Meeting on June 18, the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) will present The William W. Backus Hospital with the 2014 John D. Thompson Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Healthcare Through the Use of Data for its project, Clinical Care Redesign:  Bringing Nurses Back to the Bedside.

Everyone in healthcare is being asked to do more without increasing costs.   At The William W. Backus Hospital, a highly committed staff-led team redesigned inpatient care delivery with one overarching goal: To enable each care team member to, within his or her scope of practice, be able to spend as much time at the patient’s bedside as possible.

Each aspect of care delivery was analyzed for efficiency and effectiveness as seen through the eyes of patients.  The project, which included more than 100 process innovations, included the analysis of all aspects of process, practice, delivery and workload.  The team developed new ways to deliver care that enhanced staff skills and roles to involve more complex, meaningful, and hands-on work.  Doing this at each licensure level allowed for less complex work to be offloaded from the level above.

When the clinical care redesign project was complete, all key performance indicators improved.  Staff reported having more time for their patients and higher compliance for hourly rounding.  Results included improved patient experience, lowered readmission rates, a reduction in the cost of labor, improved staff engagement, smoother patient transitions, increased compliance with discharge appointments, and decreased patient calls.

The John D. Thompson Award honors the contributions made by John D. Thompson to healthcare administration and patient care quality during his career.  Winners of this prestigious award have achieved excellence in patient care through the use of data, as demonstrated by the improvement of internal operations, procedures, and outcomes.

CHA congratulates The William W. Backus Hospital for its innovative approach to bringing nurses back to the bedside.


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