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Mental Health Top Concern in Eastern Connecticut According to Backus and Windham Hospital Needs Assessment

Mental health is the top health concern facing eastern Connecticut, according to approximately 100 community stakeholders and staff members who...

The Power of Positive Thinking

They all have a story of triumph over tragedy, turning heartache into healing. The amazing individuals featured in this video,...

Stress is unavoidable, but you can manage it.

Let’s face it: stress is a constant in our lives and cannot be avoided. So, stress management is the key, not stress elimination. Here are several ways to help us manage stress in our daily life.
- by Alice Facente

Tics and Tourette’s

Tourette’s syndrome is a common but often misunderstood condition. Learn more about what it is, its symptoms and treatments by...

Mental Health and Support Groups

Cancer and treatments can take a serious toll on survivors’ mental and emotional states, but these important issues can be...

Backus Hospital offers cancer support group

NORWICH – Backus Hospital is offering a monthly support group on the second Tuesday of each month for cancer patients, survivors and their families. July’s session will discuss communicating with your provider on Tuesday, July 10, from 5-6 p.m. in the hospital’s main lobby conference room #1 on 326 Washington Street.

Backus physicians talk about link between athletics and depression

NORWICH – The death of NFL great, Junior Seau, has highlighted a little known link between athletics and depression.

Backus to host “Anxiety Society” seminar

NORWICH – The William W. Backus Hospital will host an Enjoy LIFE (Lifelong Investment in Fitness and Exercise) seminar on “Anxiety Society” on Thursday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Plainfield Recreation Center, 482 Norwich Road.

Backus to host “Anxiety Society” talk

NORWICH – The William W. Backus Hospital is presenting “Anxiety Society: Dealing with Anxiety and Stress in these Tough Times” on...

Limit exposure to 9/11 anniversary media hype

The 10thanniversary of the events we now call simply “9/11” can be a time for reflection and remembrance. As the horrific events of that day play out again and again in the media, it’s important not to become re-traumatized, said James O’Dea, PhD, Vice President for Service Line Development at Backus Hospital.