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Financial & Insurance Info

Upon discharge from the Hospital, you will receive a bill for services. The Patient Accounts Department will assist you in processing your insurance and Hospital bill. There may be more than one type of charge resulting from your Hospital stay.

During your hospitalization it is possible that the specialized skills of other physicians and professionals are required. You may receive separate billing for these services that are paid directly to these providers. Examples of these services would be Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology or Anesthesiology. Questions regarding these billings or services should be directed to the specific provider or service.

If you have questions, call our Patient Accounts Department at (860) 823-6394.

A hospital bill is based on the charges incurred while one is staying as a patient, including room, nursing care and other hospital ancillary services— as well as any outstanding balance from pre-hospitalization testing performed at Backus Hospital.

If you have insurance coverage, you may have co-payments or deductibles determined by your insurer.

* Upon discharge from the hospital, you will receive a bill for services. Your hospital bill includes charges for services provided by the hospital.
* Your anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist and other physicians involved in your care will bill you separately for their services.
* Each visit to the hospital is billed individually. An itemized bill is available upon request.

You may contact our Patient Accounts Department with any questions or concerns about your bill via any of the following ways:

Telephone: (860) 823-6394
TDD: (860) 885-3596
Mail: The William W. Backus Hospital
Attention: Patient Accounts Department
326 Washington St. | Norwich, CT 06360

Physicians/Private Duty Nursing Fees

The fees from your physician are not included in your hospital bill.

Separate bills will be sent from physicians and/or surgeons who participated in your diagnosis and treatment, including:

  • Your personal physician
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Radiologist
  • Pathologist
  • Emergency Department physician
  • Private duty nurses