A World-Class Intranet

We have invested in a convenient, new information platform that will make your work life easier and more enjoyable. Help us get it right by providing feedback and suggestions.

Everything You Need in One Place

Use the new Intranet to connect with HR, payroll, documents, etc. Even if you still need to use your existing Intranet For A While, You Can Find Links To Everything (Including Your Old Intranet) Here.

This is Your Intranet – You Can Customize it

The home page, news items and “apps” like weather, are elements that you can customize. You shape what you see. Staff members are invited to create their own profiles - similar to those on LinkedIn or Facebook. News content is delivered based on the employee location.

Training Will be Available

We will provide training to the initial “roll-out” entity: The System Support Office. Over time, we will train others who will publish to the Intranet.

Your Old Intranet is Still Accessible from the New Intranet

Each organization will have access to its legacy intranet while we migrate to the new platform – you’ll still need it for some tasks and older policy-and-procedure platforms will remain in place.

We’re “Connecting to Healthier” Through the New Intranet

Our brand platform is “Connecting to healthier.” The new Intranet will become a home for powerful storytelling that supports our brand.

Access it now!