Patient Portal Prior to October 1, 2017

Q: Who can use the Backus Patient Portal?

A: Any patient of Backus Hospital, ConnCare, Backus Physician Services and/or private practices that use the Backus Electronic Medical Record which is Neuro Diagnostics Consulting, OB/GYN Services, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine of Norwich, and Plainfield Walk-In Medical.  Currently, we only offer the Portal to patients over 18.


Q: How do I get access to the Patient Portal?

A: There are 2 ways you can get access: Self-Enrollment, and Enrollment at the Hospital.

Self-Enrollment: To self-enroll, you need two things:

  1. An e-mail address associated with your Backus or participating practice medical record.
  2. Your medical record number which is an “M” and followed by 6 digits.
    For example: “M999999”

If you know you have supplied Backus with your e-mail address and you know your medical record number, you may browse to “” and click “Register.”

Enrollment at the Hospital: If you are not able to self-enroll, you must come to the Backus Medical Records Department with a photo ID and the Medical Records staff will enroll you.

Please note: we are not able to release your medical record number over the phone or via e-mail because we need to positively identify you.  We appreciate your understanding as we protect your privacy.


Q: Is my Patient Portal my complete legal medical record?

A: No.  The Patient Portal does not display your entire record.  If you need your complete legal medical record, you should visit the Backus Medical Records department or your provider.


Q: How far back does the Patient Portal display results for?

A: Different information is available in the Patient Portal for different amounts of time.

Allergies and Conditions:              Shows current information

Medications:                                          Shows current medication list

Please Note: Your allergies and medication list may not be complete or accurate if they have changed since you were last seen at Backus or a participating provider.

Results:                                                     Shows all laboratory results since 2003

Reports:                                                    Diagnostic Imaging, History and Physical, Inpatient Consultations, outpatient visit notes, and ED visit notes are available if they are less than 2 years old

Preventative Care:                             Shows current immunizations if on file in the system

Letters:                                                      All since 2012

Visit History:                                        All since 2003


Please Note: The Patient Portal is not your complete legal record.  The Hospital and participating providers maintain your records in accordance with state and federal laws.  There may be items in your legal health record that are not available in the Patient Portal.


Q: Can I update information in my Patient Portal?

A: You can submit change requests to our Medical Records Department through the Profile section of the Patient Portal for the following items:

Marital Status, Race, Religion, Address, Phone Numbers, e-mail address, Next of Kin’s Name, Address, and Phone Numbers, and Person to Notify’s Name, Address, and Phone Numbers.


Q: I made a change to my Patient Portal profile but it doesn’t show in my Patient Portal.  Why not?

A: All changes requested through the Patient Portal must be accepted by the Medical Records Department.  Changes do not appear in real time.


Q: What if I feel there is an error in the information in my Patient Portal?

A: Please call the Medical Records Patient Portal Help Line at (860)823-6363.


Q: What if I forget my User ID or Password? 

A: If you have forgotten your password, you can click the “Forgot Password?” link from the logon page and follow the instructions.  If you are still having trouble, call the Medical Records Patient Portal Help Line
at (860)823-6363.


Q: I want to send a message to my provider, but she is not listed as an option in Messaging.  Why not?

A: Messaging is only available to participating outpatient and clinic providers who use the Backus Electronic Record which is all ConnCare and Backus Physician Services providers, Neuro Diagnostics Consulting, OB/Gyn Services, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine of Norwich, and Plainfield Walk-In Medical.


Q: I don’t understand what a result means in my Patient Portal.  Who can help me?

A: You should always contact your provider with any medical questions including those resulting from information in your Patient Portal.


Q: I had lab work and an x-ray done this morning.  Why are they not available in the Patient Portal?

A: Results and reports take 36 hours to appear in your Patient Portal.


Q: I had a biopsy done.  Why can’t I see it in my Patient Portal?

A: Currently, Pathology reports are not available in the Patient Portal.


Q: I want to have access to my child’s record.  How can I get access?

A: Currently, we do not allow Patient Portal access to anyone under 18 other than emancipated minors.  State and Federal laws require that we maintain a child’s privacy for certain result types.  Parents wishing to have copies of their child’s record must visit the Medical Records Department.  You can request portal access to the records of consenting adults over the age of 18.  Please fill out the Patient Portal Access form and present it to the Medical Records Department.


Q: My medication list is not current.  Why not?  I just saw my doctor.

A: Your medication list is only updated by Backus and participating providers which are all ConnCare and Backus Physician Services providers, Neuro Diagnostics Consulting, OB/Gyn Services, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine of Norwich, and Plainfield Walk-In Medical.


Q:             How do I know if there is new information available in my Portal?

A:             The Portal will automatically send you an e-mail once per day when there is new information available in your Portal.


Q: I saw a lab result in my Portal a few days ago, but now it’s gone.  Why?

A: Lab results display on the Results panel.  When you first click on the Results button, you will see a list of all of your lab tests.  This list displays only the most current test date.  When you click an individual test result, you will see all of your historical results for that test.


Q:             I signed up at my doctor’s office.  Do I need to sign up here?

A:             It depends on which doctor’s office.  Some area practices have their own Patient Portals.  If you signed up at a participating practice (listed above), then you do not need to re-enroll.