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Akus557The William W. Backus Hospital Anticoagulation Clinic is an outpatient, ambulatory clinic that provides comprehensive care to individuals diagnosed with coagulation disorders and/or receiving anticoagulation medication. The Clinic utilizes a Point Of Care (POC)device to assess the effectiveness of warfarin therapy.

Patients are assessed by anticoagulation care providers comprised of advanced trained pharmacists and nurses.A licensed physician oversees the activities of the care providers. An Anticoagulation Clinic Physician will be available for consultation during the hours of operation.

Patient Education

Education is one of the most important aspects of successful anticoagulant control.

Verbal, written, and audio-visual patient information materials will be individualized and available for each patient. The education process should begin with a formal session involving the patient and any caretakers or family members that wish to participate. The process of patient education will be continuous and reinforced at every patient encounter.

Topics include, but are not limited to: indication for warfarin therapy, administration, importance of INR monitoring, drug interactions, & monitoring parameters.

Point of Care INR testing and Medication Management

  • Fingerstick to obtain INR result
  • Interview with patient to assess changes to health status, compliance, medication changes, dietary changes
  • Discussion regarding warfarin adjustments as needed
  • Proper INR testing followup