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Emergency Medical Services

ED-entrance-nightEmergency medical care for our patients begins in the homes, streets, and businesses of our communities. Our Backus Hospital sponsored Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics initiate high quality emergency medical care to the sick and injured, that will be continued in the hospital emergency department.

Our emergency medical services program provides quality assurance and patient care feedback to our sponsored EMS providers, who collectively serve
approximately 121,000 residents of eastern Connecticut.

Potter381aWe are here to provide medical oversight, quality assurance, education and training to pre-hospital EMS providers, who are the vital first link in the continuum of care.

In addition, we also provide direct medical control to EMS providers transporting a patient that have a need to speak directly with an emergency department physician. This is done from the patient’s side by the EMS provider utilizing either the Med Radio or by a designated telephone line.


DAWN Stroke Protocols

We offer patients screening using advanced image processing technology known as RAPID CT Perfusion, which pinpoints the area of damage caused by an ischemic stroke, locates salvable areas of brain tissue, and can establish a timeline for when the stroke occurred. This increases the window for acute treatment up to 24 hours.