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Backus Hospital knows the importance of delivering patient test results to physicians in a timely and efficient manner. Backus offers several data connectivity solutions to affiliated physician offices.

Backus provides physicians and their staff computer access to all Backus information systems. Providers, with appropriate security, will have access to the hospital’s electronic medical record (Meditech EMR), Philips iSite PACS, OB TraceVue, MUSE, and the hospital Intranet. Providers can view patient test results online, eliminating paper and phone calls. Our secure web-based portal, called Backus On-Line, allows access to Backus systems from home or office. To download the Backus Online Access Form, download it from recommended links on the right.

As a courtesy to our affiliated physicians, Backus will automatically deliver test results to a fax machine provided by Backus Hospital. Paper, toner, and service are included. This solution eliminates the need for hospital departments to print results and place them in the physician mailboxes. Physicians will no longer need a courier to retrieve these paper copies. To download the Result Faxing Notification Registration Form, download it from recommended links on the right.

When a practice has their own physician office EMR, Backus will provide an interface for delivering test results directly into their system. This solution includes the license fee, implementation fee, annual maintenance, and any alterations needed to accept the interface in the physician’s EMR software.

Backus will provide physician practices with a hospital-approved physician office EMR that integrates with the Backus Hospital information system for streamlined clinical decision making. The hospital will pay up to 85% of the cost of software, support, training, maintenance & connectivity. The provider will pay the remaining 15% and 100% of all hardware costs.

**Note: Physicians must purchase their own phone switch, telephones, telephone wiring, and an appropriate, high-speed internet connection. Physicians must also purchase their own personal computer for their office management software and meet minimum requirements if using it to connect to Backus On-Line.

TO: Physicians utilizing Backus Lab Services
FROM: Timothy Shizume, Director

RE: Update on CMS physician signature rule

DATE: December 21, 2010

UPDATE: Based on input from national laboratory groups and organizations, CMS has decided to delay implementation of the final rule requiring physician signatures on laboratory requisitions. Please note that this decision only delays implementation, and that CMS will, in all probability, proceed with this ruling at a later date. We encourage all physicians and physician offices to continue their efforts to comply with this forthcoming regulation. We will provide you with additional information as we receive it.

Here is the information sent previously about the new rule:

CMS has released the final rule for the 2011 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. A new policy will significantly impact order requirements for services paid under the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (“CLFS”). Currently, physician signature is not required on orders/requisitions for clinical diagnostic tests paid on the basis of the CLFS; rather the physician documentation may be evident solely in the patient’s medical record. The 2011 final rule will reverse this policy. Physician signature will be required on requisitions for all clinical diagnostic laboratory tests paid on the basis of CLFS. It should be noted that orders generated and transmitted electronically from the physician to the laboratory do not appear to be impacted at this time.

Further clarification to this new rule states that the physician must personally sign the requisition- office staff or nurses cannot sign for the physician. The rule also prohibits the use of stamps or pre-printed signatures.

Please communicate this information to the appropriate office personnel, including all physicians and providers who may order laboratory testing.

Since this is now a compliance issue, and CMS has stated that they may audit Laboratories for compliance to the new standard, we are required to adhere to this new ruling or face potential fines and penalties.

If you have questions concerning this new requirement, please contact me at (860)-823-6308 or by email at [email protected]

We appreciate your cooperation.