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Social Services

The Department of Social Services is available to you, your family/significant others to help you deal with issues that may occur while you are receiving cancer treatment.

The Social Services staff member can provide you with information about transportation, financial needs and community resources. They also offer emotional support and counseling to help you deal with issues such as lifestyle changes, emotions and stress management. If needed, they will also assist in arranging for nursing home transfers.

Phone: (860) 889-8331, ext. 4241.

Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy

This Department consists of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

Each area is available to assist you in reaching the maximum level of independence during your cancer treatment. Some types of cancer therapy can cause limitations with walking, exercise and daily activities. Services offered are exercise, gait training, energy conservation, speech therapy and wound care. Staff will also provide information about equipment that may be needed for your recovery. There are also specialized programs for mastectomy patients and for managing lymphedema.


There may be times when you want to address your spiritual needs.

We would be pleased to contact our clergy staff on your behalf, or you may call them on your own. Meetings in a private environment can be arranged.

Phone: (860) 889-8331, ext. 2298

Genetic Counseling

Your physician may refer you to a genetics counselor if he/she feels that your cancer is linked to your family’s genetics.

We will arrange for a genetics counselor to come to Backus Hospital to meet with you at your convenience.

Financial Counseling

Our financial counselors from Patient Accounts will meet with you if you have any concerns or financial issues regarding your billing.

Phone: (860) 889-8331, ext. 2314.