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Radiation Therapy

Our Physicians

Secretarial Staff

The Radiation Therapy Secretaries are the first to greet you in the Radiation Therapy Center.

They gather and coordinate all required information and x-rays which are necessary for your consultation. They will interview you on your first appointment to review all the information they have received, and assure its accuracy. The secretaries will also help you with any of your insurance needs.

Radiation Oncology Physician

The Radiation Oncology Physician will see you at your first consultation visit and will work with your referring physician and the Radiation staff to prescribe the best course of treatment.

He/she is responsible for managing your care and will meet with you on a regular basis during your treatment.

Radiation Therapy Nurses

The Radiation Therapy Nurses will see you on admission.

They will meet with you weekly or as needed during your course of treatment. They will provide you and your family with information related to your therapy. The Radiation Therapy Nurses will also discuss treatment side effects and skin care. In addition, they will provide you with information on other available educational sessions that are free of charge to all of our patients.

Radiation Therapist

The Radiation Therapist will see you every day during your course of treatment.

The Radiation Therapist will work with your doctor and the Medical Dosimetrist to mark the area of your body that needs treatment. The Radiation Therapist will also deliver your daily treatments under your doctor’s orders. While treating you, he/she will verify all your treatment information and maintain your daily treatment records. In addition, the Radiation Therapist will take films, monitor your progress, weight and blood counts. All of our Radiation Therapists are nationally registered and licensed by the State of Connecticut.

Medical Physicist

The Physicist calculates and measures the radiation beams of all machines that are used to deliver the radiation therapy treatments.

He/she also monitors the quality control information to assure the accuracy of your treatment dosage.

Medical Dosimetrist: The Medical Dosimetrist is responsible for developing a treatment plan that will deliver the prescribed dose of radiation to a localized area of your body, while limiting radiation doses to other areas.

Registered Dietitian: The Registered Dietitian may provide an initial evaluation and nutritional assessment to determine your special needs while you undergo your cancer treatment. Your individualized nutrition plan of care will be based upon your clinical condition.

Your plan may include:

  • Eating hints for managing side effects
  • A special diet
  • Special food/supplements for weight maintenance

The Registered Dietitian will follow you as needed to assure that you receive the support and education you need throughout your therapy.