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At The William W. Backus Hospital, we've established an environment where your new beginning can be the joyful, personal family experience you’ve always hoped it would be.

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The nurse practitioners also serve as resources to educate Backus staff. Also as part of the neonatal coverage program, an OB Rapid Response Team has is available if a mother or a fetus is in crisis. WIH Faculty Physicians Inc. has opened a new practice on Sachem Street near Backus focusing on high risk pregnancies and other gynecological specialties. The practice includes five physicians providing expertise for high-risk pregnancies and other women’s health issues.

At The William W. Backus Hospital we have a proud tradition of providing thoughtful, personal maternity care. Our physicians, nurse-midwives and our nursing staff work diligently to provide a caring environment for mother and baby. The traditional approach to birthing services, where the mother was moved from labor team to delivery room to recovery, often inhibited our ability to personalize the birth experience and restricted the ability of the family to share in the birth. Our patients told us they wanted a more personal experience. A birthing experience which was less disruptive and which enabled the family to experience the birthing process in a positive way. They wanted a simplified process which was supported by appropriate medical services. Our response is The Dr. Frederick S. Eadie Birthing Center, named in honor of Dr. Frederick Eadie, Norwich’s first fully trained Obstetrician, whose reputation for kindness and personal patient care is known throughout the area.

The Dr. Frederick S. Eadie Birthing Center has been designed and built to support the L.D.R.P. concept in maternity service. L.D.R.P. stands for Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum. In contrast to past experience where each of these stages in the birthing process took place in a separate location, our new The Dr. Frederick S. Eadie Birthing Center enables the mother to remain in a single room. Specially designed equipment enables the nursing staff to alter the room as labor proceeds. No longer is it necessary to move the mother from room to room or to have the mother and baby separated shortly after birth.

The Dr. Frederick S. Eadie Birthing Center features comfortable, homelike suites with private bath. Rooms are furnished to encourage family involvement, a dining area for a quiet dinner, a bed and shower to permit rooming in by the father, if so desired. Each room is equipped with T.V. – all the comforts of home. All of these comforts and conveniences are supported by the latest advances in medical technology and a staff of highly trained medical professionals. You have chosen a new beginning for you and your family – Why not us? Let us enhance the birthing experience for you and your family at The Dr. Frederick S. Eadie Birthing Center at The William W. Backus Hospital. To discuss maternity services at The William W. Backus Hospital or to arrange a tour of The Federick S. Eadie Birthing Center, call 860.823.6353.

High Risk Neonatal Care

In addition to the highly-trained physicians at OBGYN Services of Norwich, Backus has a partnership with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Specialty Group in which neonatal nurse practitioners work in the Backus Birthing Center, providing coverage in case emergencies arise.