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Important Contact Information

Main Phone Number

P: 860.889.8331

Emergency Department

P: 860.823.6389

Human Resources

P: 860.425.5885

Medical Records (Health Information Management)

P: 860.823.6382

Patient Telephones

P: 860.823.6300


P: 860.889.8331 ext. 2215

Office of Patient Experience

P: 860.889.8331 ext. 6828

Norwich Backus Emergency Care Center

P: 860.823.6389

Backus Health Centers

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - Colchester

P: 860.537.4601

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - Montville

P: 860.848.1298

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - North Stonington

P: 860.599.9961

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Diabetes Management Center and Endocrinology Services

P: 860.892.6906

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Wound Care / Hyperbaric Oxygen

P: 860.425.8700

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Rheumatology

P: 860.425.8710

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Arthritis Center

P: 860.425.8710

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Rehabilitation Services

P: 860.823.6317

Norwich Backus Outpatient Care Center Anticoagulation Clinic 

P: 860.892.2711

Executive Leadership Team

Donna Handley
Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare
East Region President

P: 860.823.6399

Laura Currie, RN, MS
Vice President, Patient Care Services

P: 860.823.6399

Jason Laabs
Director, Planning and Marketing

P: 860.817.4139

Pamela DeLise
Regional Director, Human Resources

P: 860.425.3876

Anthony Mastroianni
Regional Vice President, Financial Services

P: 860.823.6360

Christer Osterling
Marketing Manager


Matthew Kaufman
Regional Vice President of Operations - East Region

P: 860.885.6841

Programs and Services

Aids Counseling Center

P: 860.823.6343

Anti- Coagulation Clinic

P: 860.892.2711

Arthritis Center

P: 860.425.8710

Backus Office of Philanthropy & Development

P: 860.823.6325

Oncology Nurse Navigator

P: 860.425.3870

Hartford HealthCare at Home


Backus Physician Services (Case ST)

P: 860.204.9126

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group

P: 860.425.5300

Cancer Services

Cancer Connect Line:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

P: 860.823.6336

Cardiopulmonary Care

P: 860.823.6393

Case Management

P: 860.889.8331

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group- Colchester

P: 860.537.4601

Community Health Education

P: 860.889.8331, ext. 2405

Center For Mental Health

P: 860.823.6321

Development Office

P: 860.823.6325

Diabetes Management Center

P: 860.892.6906

Diagnostic Imaging

P: 860.425.8722

Employment Opportunities

P: 860.823.6314

Gift Shop

P: 860.889.8331, ext. 2265

Health Information Management (Medical Records)

P: 860.823.6382

Hearing / Speech Impaired Line (TTY)

P: 860.848.5699

Hospice, Southeastern Connecticut

P: 860.848.5699

HIPPA Privacy Officer

P: 860.823.6314

Human Resources

P: 860.823.6314


P: 860.823.6307

Maternity (Birthing Center)

P: 860.823.6353

Medical Nutrition Therapy

P: 860.823.6524

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group-Montville

P: 860.848.1298

Nursing Alumnae

P: 860.889.8331, ext. 6320

Occupational Therapy

P: 860.823.6317

Pain Management

P: 860.425.5900

Partial Hospitalization Program

P: 860.823.6322

Patient Billing

P: 860.823.6394

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

P: 860.823.6317

Public Relations

P:  860.889.8331, ext. 2312


P: 860.889.8331, ext. 2215

Rheumatology Department

P: 860.425.8710

Same Day Surgery

P: 860.889.8331, ext. 6963

Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic

P: 860.823.6344

Social Work

P: 860.823.6310

Volunteer & Guest Services


X-Ray / Diagnostic Imaging

P: 860.823.6304

Weight Loss Center

P: 860.425.8740

Wound Care Center

P: 860.425.8700

Backus Hospital