After Delivery

After delivery, we optimize the mother-baby bonding experience.

Your baby will be placed on your chest following birth. Skin-to-skin provides numerous health benefits for your baby such as stabilizing body temperature, heart rate, and breathing. Skin-to-skin also helps you bond with your baby and start the first feeding.

Rooming in
Your baby will stay in your room with you following birth. This will allow you to learn your baby's needs and give your baby warmth, comfort and security. The staff is here to answer your questions and teach you about caring for your baby.

After the Golden Hour*
You and your family can celebrate in your room. Throughout your stay, you will be well cared for by our experienced nurses, who will help you learn to care for your baby. Healthy moms and babies room in together 24 hours a day to facilitate feeding and learning your new baby’s behaviors.

* The first hour after delivery when infant is especially alert

Visitation Guidelines
To ensure the safety of the patient and newborn your cooperation is required in the Operating Room (OR).

  • Only one person is allowed in the OR areas as directed by the nurse.
  • All other family members must wait in the Birthing Center waiting room.
  • The support person may sit at the head of the patient only, or as directed by anesthesia or the nurse.
  • Please remain seated at all times.
  • No standing, touching drapes, leaning over drapes during surgery.
  • Pictures of the baby may be taken after delivery only. No video allowed until the infant is stable after delivery.

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