Going Home

Patients discharged by their physician are requested to vacate their room by 11 am. This allows time for rooms to be cleaned and prepared for the arrival of new patients. Your nurse will provide you with discharge instructions before you leave.

Ask for written discharge instructions if they aren’t provided to you. It is important to follow discharge instructions related to medications, home nursing, special equipment or therapy that might be included in your recovery routine. A discharge escort can be arranged if needed. Patients whose diagnosis requires them to learn self-management skills will be taught these skills prior to discharge by certified teaching nurses from our Nursing Education Department. In-hospital instructions will include the family whenever possible. Some examples of teaching programs provided are diabetes education, ostomy care education, cardiac and pulmonary education. Teaching nurses are also available for outpatient instructions and counseling. Dial ext. 2495 or ask your nurse for assistance.

If you require a list of extended care facilities or home healthcare providers, please contact Care Management at 860.889.8331 ext. 4294.

​Safety at home

Home Safety Guides are available from Backus Home Health Care., an affiliate of Backus Hospital.

The guide serves as a safety checklist that is monitored on an ongoing basis. The guide also offers common sense advice that virtually anyone can utilize in his or her day-to-day-life.

Safety issues include:

  • Electrical safety. This includes ensuring that cords are not under rugs, outlets are not overloaded and flammable materials are far enough away from heaters.
  • Fire safety. Smoke detectors are crucial in any home.
  • Suitable communication. Homebound patients should always have telephones nearby with easily accessible phone numbers. They are encouraged to have cordless phones that can be moved from room to room. Some patients are encouraged to purchase Lifeline services, either necklaces or bracelets, so if they fall they can push a button and medical assistance will come if needed.
  • Environment and mobility safety. Backus Home Health Care nurses evaluate whether staircases are in good condition, whether they have hand railings, and if need be send out a physical therapist to help educate the patient on the safest way to move around.
  • Utilities. Electricity, heating and plumbing should be in good working order.
  • Kitchen safety. Make sure cleaning products are not stored near food, and that flammable objects are far enough away from the stove.
  • Bathroom safety. Grab bars and non-skid mats are essential safety tools.
  • Medication safety. Make sure that medication is not outdated, has proper labels and is stored properly, particularly in an area where children can’t reach them.
  • Oxygen safety. Never smoke in the vicinity of oxygen tanks.

Your Medical Records

Medical records are the property of the Hospital. You have the right to inspect and, upon written request, obtain a copy of your health information except under certain limited circumstances.

Under Connecticut law, if the Hospital makes a copy of your medical record we will not charge more than 65 cents a page, plus postage, plus a reasonable fee if you want x-ray films or tissue samples. You can contact the Medical Records Department by calling 860.889.8331 ext. 6382.

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