After arriving at the Hospital, you will be taken to your room and shown around by a member of your healthcare team.

If you need help or want to talk to a nurse, use the call bell/intercom system attached to the bed in your room to alert a nurse, who will come to your room as promptly as possible. If you think you are experiencing an emergency, please tell the person answering the call that it is an emergency. Otherwise, please allow a few minutes for the nurse to arrive.

Advance Directives & Living Wills

You have the right to make health care decisions about the medical care you receive. 

Before You Arrive

Backus Hospital is committed to making your stay go as smoothly as possible by preparing even before your arrival. 

Billing and Insurance

Upon discharge from the Hospital, you will receive a bill for services. The Patient Accounts Department will assist you in processing your insurance and Hospital bill. 

Care Assistance Partners Program

The Care Assistance Partners Program is our way of making sure you have the 24/7 support of a loved one while you’re in one of our hospitals because we know that can be invaluable at such a challenging time.

Care Management

The purpose of the Care Management team is to make Discharge Planning and Social Services available to patients, their families and significant others to enable them to deal with the impact of illness on individual and family functioning, and to achieve maximum benefits from health care services.

For Children

All children who are patients at Backus Hospital receive comprehensive and advanced pediatric care to ensure their well-being and to give parents peace of mind.


Did a nurse demonstrate compassionate care, commitment to excellence, extraordinary services, and a remarkable patient experience? Nominate them as a deserving recipient of The DAISY Award.

Going Home

Patients discharged by their physician are requested to vacate their room by 11 am. This allows time for rooms to be cleaned and prepared for the arrival of new patients. Your nurse will provide you with discharge instructions before you leave.

List of Charges

Hartford HealthCare has a website that is designed to help you understand the cost of your care. The site shows the charges for most procedures or other services at each Hartford HealthCare hospital.

Medical Records

The William W. Backus Hospital’s Health Information Department is the administrative office of the hospital responsible for ensuring that patients’ medical records are complete, accurate, confidential and readily available for future patient care and clinical communication.

Patient Rights 

You and The William W. Backus Hospital are partners in your medical care, and the Hospital encourages your active participation in your care. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or bring your concerns to the attention of your caregivers.

Patient Safety & Quality Care

At Backus, we monitor national data, combined with our own internal benchmarks, to make improvements in real-time.

Spiritual Care

Our chaplains offer spiritual care to patients and families.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Hartford HealthCare complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Support Person Policy

Patients with disabilities who receive care at a Hartford HealthCare hospital may have a designated support person present with them to support their disability needs.