Patient Safety & Quality Care

At Backus, we monitor national data, combined with our own internal benchmarks, to make improvements in real-time.

Our philosophy is to put patients first – always. We do this by ensuring that our clinicians spend more time at patients’ bedsides, where they are needed. We want patients to be active participants in their care, give them the information they need and involve them in decision-making.

Quality care isn’t just something you feel – it’s something you can measure.

Our Division of Organizational Excellence works with the Patient Safety Committee to promote a culture of safety at Backus.

2010 Performance Improvement projects included: medication reconciliation, rounding, the fall collaborative, bedside report & documentation improvement.

Working together with our patients, we strive to produce the best possible outcomes.

Backus Quality Measures

The U.S. government tracks the effectiveness of the care provided at hospitals nationwide through standards called “core measures,” which track a variety of evidence-based, scientifically researched standards of care that have been shown to result in improved outcomes for patients.

Click here to view how Backus Hospital fares compared to the state and the nation.

Patient Handbook

Our Patient Handbook tells you everything you need to know before, during and after your hospital say.


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