Outpatient Care

It’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that is not overly tight and to avoid wearing high heeled shoes or boots. We advise against bringing large amounts of money or very valuable items as Backus Hospital cannot be held responsible for money or items left in a room after a patient’s stay.

To ensure patient safety, we ask that you please do not bring any electrical appliances, such as DVD players, VCRs, CD players etc to the hospital. We do however allow appliances that are powered by batteries. Laptop computers are allowed and complimentary wireless Internet access is available in all areas of the hospital.

Patients admitted for observation

It is possible that your physician will decide that it is in your best interest to be admitted in order to observe the effects of short-term treatments or to administer tests, medications and examinations.

If this happens, you’ll be given an inpatient room or taken to a specific area of the hospital. Usually, a stay for observation is less than 24 hours, though in rare cases it can be longer when required.

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